Sign with Anna to close

Anna Foster, 8th March 2022 

So, I have some news. After more than 5 years, I’ve made the painful, but correct, decision to close Sign with Anna (in a couple of months – skip to the bottom if you want to find out what I’m still offering!).

I never really meant to teach baby signing (!), but having loved BSL for years before, when I started to sign with my baby son in 2016, I got the bug, and there was no going back!

I have taught something like 696 classes – via a maternity leave, a pandemic, a new brand, a move to online – and all the other ups and downs life threw up along the way.

I am beyond proud to have started this business in the first place; that it’s been going for so long (did you know only 50% of new businesses get to the 5 year mark?); and most of all that I have had the privilege to teach over 780 families how to sign with their little ones, using the most incredible training and resources from my beloved Little Signers Club.

I have loved it - but phew, it has been hard at times! So now, it’s time to put my energies elsewhere.

You may not know that alongside Sign with Anna, I also run a freelance consultancy business, working with charities and not for profits to help them with their operations and generally being a useful person I have wanted to get my teeth properly stuck into this for a while (i.e. 7 years!), to expand it and make it everything I want it to be, but have been unable to due to bringing up small people (who I know, are still very small), that pandemic thing that’s going on, and just generally not enough time.

So now, it’s time for that. I will sorely miss seeing all your faces, watching your little ones grow and develop, sharing my skills and expertise, and hearing what a difference baby signing has made to your family. Boo hoo

Right. Enough for now (probably far too much!)….

Having said all this, I am not stopping immediately – you still have a couple of months to get yourself on a live class, watch a replay, or order some books & resources!

Have a look at for what’s on offer, or watch out for another post tomorrow when I’ll explain it all.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your support over the years. Anna x

Walk with Anna during the Chilterns Walking Festival 

Anna Foster, 8th May 2021

Now, I do love a good walk! I know we've all walked more than we'd imagine we would in the last year and a bit, but I just love getting out and about. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get a contract with The Chilterns Conservation Board, who look after the gorgeous Chilterns AONB, to set up and run their new walking festival. So, in 2016, the Chilterns Walking Festival was born, and is still happening twice a year in Spring and Autumn - the next one is coming up 21st May - 6th June.

I no longer run the festival, so this year I decided to be a walk leader - I'm leading a toddle around Ashridge NT near Berkhamsted on Wednesday 26th May at 10am - great for those of us who have little people with little legs, but anyone is welcome! You can join me on my walk by booking your spot on the CWF website. Whilst you're there check out all of the other amazing walks you might want to do....hope to see you there! 


Why the change from Little Signers Club South Herts to Sign with Anna?

Anna Foster, 29th April 2021

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different over here these days! A new name, and a new shiny logo to boot!

The Little Signers Club® brand (which I have been part of since 2016 as Little Signers Club; South Herts) has been synonymous with expertly taught baby signing classes since it launched in 2010 - we've always been both innovative and flexible with the changing needs of our families to bring you the baby signing classes that you love. Personally, as a parent and a class leader, I have always felt at home at Little Signers Club classes.

The last twelve months have seen huge changes in the way Little Signers Club operates, not least of which was bringing our gorgeous baby signing classes and courses online.  But it also showed that the wonderful teaching team across the country (of which I am one of!) really needed more flexibility and the ability to shine, too.  So, after much soul searching about what to do for the best, the lovely Shelley at Little Signers Club has updated the way it works, and as such I'm delighted to say that Little Signers Club; South Herts is relaunching today week under my own beautiful new brand name – Sign with Anna.

Sign with Anna will remain part of the collaborative, expertly trained network of Licensed Practitioners at Little Signers Club®.  This new approach will still provide you with all the things you know and love about our award-winning, nurturing, baby signing classes, courses, resources and books.

It's a hugely exciting time for us all and us leaders, as well as Shelley, are looking forward to this new chapter of growth with the continued gentle support and guidance of baby signing, the Little Signers Club® way, in the background.

I hope you'll feel happy and at home at Sign with Anna classes - a new look but delivering the same outstanding content and classes. Plus, there will be some new and exciting developments coming soon - so keep your eyes peeled! Any questions, of course please do get in touch!


Why my classes are staying online for a little longer than some...

Anna Foster, 12th April 2021

Well, April 12th has arrived, and all sorts of excitement and more freedom, with it!! I just wanted to give you a quick update - just in case you're wondering why you haven't seen any 'oh, my classes are starting in person again!' posts from me. There are many reasons why I have decided to stay online, for a while longer - here goes....

The ‘feel’ of classes – singing and covid don’t go hand in hand, so we can't all sing with abandon. I can’t help out with your little one / hold them for you whilst you nip to the loo / welcome them when they clamber all over me - all of these things are a HUGE part of my classes, so it just makes me a teeny bit sad thinking of opening classes whilst they would need to be so different.


Outdoor classes - having said all of the above, obviously outdoors is more acceptable these days - although the weather doesn't always agree - so I am looking at possible outdoor options and seriously hoping that the weather becomes a little more reliable soon. Keep an eye out for some one off outdoor sessions over the summer months....

Online classes can genuinely be brilliant and are so, so flexible - for you, and me! The fact that you never have to miss a class because your little one is sleeping, or there was a poonami just as you were leaving the house. You can rewatch the highlights at any time. You can have a free coffee during the class You don't have to bundle LO in to hat, gloves, pramsuit, suncream, etc. You can still make connections and friends (and meet up outside of class!), have fun and learn fantastic tips and techniques to make life easier. Many parents say that online works far better than they expected it to Also, online I can welcome families from further afield, and those who may not be comfortable yet with f2f classes, who may not be feeling excited about mixing with others.


Money money money (I know many of us don't like to talk about it, but I'm not one of those, having worked for years educating children about money!) Although I bring so much to you through sheer passion for the incredible thing that is baby signing, I do also need to contribute to the old mortgage etc - reality is that I would now need to book venues for a lot more time due to cleaning regimes, as well as hugely reduce capacity due to social distancing, which would eradicate much of my income, at the moment. I hugely appreciate those of you who have supported my family financially during this pandemic, thank you!


Like many of you I'm sure, I've not been vaccinated yet, and to be honest, I'll feel much more comfortable when I have been.


So, as you can see, there is a lot to consider - it's not that I don't want to see you all face to face, it's just not right for me, and us, just yet. Massive hats off to all of those baby and toddler class leaders who are working against the odds to be back face to face - I salute you.

I absolutely LOVE seeing your faces on my screen each week, and continuing to share my love of baby signing with you all. I hope you'll understand why I'm carrying on with online classes for a while longer, and that you’ll consider doing them alongside (or instead of) anything else you do with your little one.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon, Anna x