My little one signing 'nappy change'

Here is my youngest signing for nappy change, at 13 months old - one of many signs she did regularly from about 5 months old. Baby signing is a wonderful thing, which helps little people communicate before speech as well as being great fun.

Put simply, baby signing (or baby sign) is using gestures to enhance communication - it's easy for parents, babies and small children to do, and bridges the gap whilst babies learn the skills to speak - enabling them to better communicate with their care givers from a very early age. 

Signing with your baby or toddler is an incredible investment in yours and their lives - it gives them increased confidence, independence, satisfaction and hugely reduces frustration and stress.  It is a wonderful thing to experience together, greatly deepening your connection with your little one and allowing you a real window into their world long before they can speak. 

You can sign from birth - or start much later in toddlerhood, it's up to you. Signing is fantastic for communication development (and won't delay speech - quite the opposite!). My classes are all about encouraging and nurturing little ones, giving them the skills to communicate with you - as well as giving you the tools to meet their needs more easily, with less stress, and giving you an incredible insight into their likes, joys, and feelings. There's too much to write here, so if you're intrigued, come along to one of my free taster sessions to find out more!



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I’m Anna, mum to a school aged boy and a toddler girl, with a passion for baby signing, the outdoors, charities, cake, and all things local.

I love living in Berkhamsted with my husband, son and daughter – I discovered Little Signers Club classes in 2016 when my son and I did Baby Signing Basics™ together, and I was instantly hooked - we’d tried a few baby sign classes but really felt at home at Little Signers Club.  So at the end of maternity leave, as well as restarting my charity consultancy work, I took over classes locally, initially teaching in Berkhamsted and Tring as Little Signers Club South Herts.


I had an early interest in sign language and had completed my British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 previously, so it was great to get back in to signing. As a new mum, I was keen to hear about the benefits of baby signing and really enjoy hearing about peoples’ successes with communicating with their baby in this way. Fast forward a few years with one child now at school and the other a toddler, we still sign all the time, with them both - signing has been the best parenting decision we've made!

Like many activity providers, 2020 saw me move classes online due to COVID-19, a move which has opened up many opportunities, and I'm pleased and honoured to have been able to support hundreds of families this way, being beamed into living rooms across the country.

In April 2021 I relaunched as 'Sign with Anna' - still all the things you know and love about Little Signers Club classes, as I am a Licensed and trained Little Signers Club Practitioner, just with a new shiny logo and name :) Read more here if you want to!


I hope you'll feel happy and at home at Sign with Anna classes - a new look but delivering the same outstanding content and classes. Plus, there will be some new and exciting developments coming soon - so keep your eyes peeled!



My classes are all about a friendly, gentle, welcoming space for parents, carers and their little ones. Regardless of whether it's face to face or online, you will always get a genuine welcome and everything is designed to be as easy and comfortable as possible, for you and your little one. Often parents and their children come back term after term, my classes are so well loved!

Check out the classes and workshop page for full details of the different classes I run - rest assured whichever you choose you will be given a wealth of information about the benefits of signing with your baby or toddler,  expert tips on how to begin, or how to move on from where you are, if you've already made a start, as well as what to look out for when your baby starts to understand, and sign back. 

Depending on the course or class, I will teach you relevant British Sign Language (BSL) signs around the topic (be it very first signs, weaning, bathtime or colours), we and we will sing some lovely songs together to cement those signs in your memory, and delight your little one with rhyme and repetition. You'll learn lots of insightful facts, as well as a host of super useful parenting tips along the way!

Before COVID-19, I ran classes in Berkhamsted and Tring, Herts, but since April 2020 they have been online, and continue to be online for the time being. Online classes are supported by a wonderful online membership site which gives you access to huge amounts of learning materials - videos of signs, printables, songs and more.

Online classes really do work well and are great for some 'slower' home based days alongside out and about days, and of course, are available to  join from wherever you are in the country, or even the world - provided you're happy to learn BSL signs! There is absolutely no requirement for your little one to sit in front of the screen, you will both still learn even if they're pottering about in the background, and all classes are available to watch on recorded catch-up so it's a really flexible way to learn and have time together. Plus, you don't miss the class if your little one needs a bit more of a nap, or to go for a nappy change! Check out my testimonials to see what people love about my classes, and book on to a free taster session to try it out for yourself.

If you would like to be the first to know about face to face classes resuming, please sign up for my newsletter and I'll give you a shout :)